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Frank is a terrific educator who takes the responsibilty of teaching health care providers very seriously. He ensures our staff stays current on all of the latest lifesaving procedures and techniques. We are fortunate to have Frank here to ensure we stay a cutting edge leader in the EMS field. Tim Egan, Chief Information Officer

Dear  Frank,

With  our hearts full of  appreciation  to  your dedication, we wouiCJ like to  thank  you for  your incredible  job you have done teaching the  entire  class.

An instructor like you is hard  to find.  Your talent,  patients and devotion made every  one of  us feel  like it was a private  class.

Your sense  of  humor and momentum is the  reason  we were able  to push it through.

You will  always be remembered  by all of  us and  be part  of  the  lives we savel

Please accept  this  as a small token of  appreciation  to  you and your family for  what  you have done,  may you enjoy  it  in great health.

Best of  luck, wishes your students of  EMT Class 2015/2016:

Abraham Berger, Dov Dancziger, Joshua Deschino, Yehuda Ehrman, Shmuel Elbaum, Fishel Freund, Joel Gluck, Joel Goldstein, Mordechai Greenberg, Joseph Hechel, Moshe Herzog, Chaim Karpen, Ruben Kibudi, Chaim Knopfler,  Yisroel Korn, Berel Krug, Eliezer Biener, Shloimy Moskowits,

Eli Pollack, Raphael Rosenberg, David Schneebalg, Mendy Sofer, Tzvi Spitz,  Yisroel Ziegler.

I have worked with Frank on projects for several clients and found his expertise impeccable. Frank is an expert in his field and I have come to rely on him time and again in specialty cases. His technical skills and industry connections make for a perfect package. His knowledge in the Safety & Health/Emergency Medicine field and his professional business style are assets he brings to any client or organization. I have come to know him as a friend and business partner and highly recommend him for any endeavor. Mordy Neuman, Staff Therapist

Dear Frank,

Just a small token of my appreciation for all you've done for me these past several months. With equanimity, grace and seemingly unlimited patience, you've taught, explained  and demonstrated the skills we needed to know. We gained from you the knowledge and skills, not only to pass the state exam, but also how to really be exceptional EMTs, on a very practical level, to be able to help others.

 Chazal tell us "whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." About you it can be said, you've saved an innumerable amount of worlds both by direct contact, and primarily through your well trained students.

 May Hashem continue to grant you many healthy years, filled with parnassa, sholom bayis, and nachas from your children. Success in all your endeavors, and the strength to be able to continue your very important work.



Yitzchock Stern

Frank was consistently an asset to the Hudson Valley Regional EMS office, lending his expertise to both the Regional Training Committee and the REMAC on a regular basis. 

Franks approachable personality and wide area of EMS knowledge made him a "go-to" person time and time again. Frank is truly an EMS professional. Raphael Barishansky, Deputy Secretary for Health Planning and Assessment at Pennsylvania Department of Health

Raphael M. BarishanskyDeputy Secretary for HePlanning and Assessment at Pennsylvania Department of Health

Frank is the greatest instructor one could ask for! Barry Litchter, Director of Operations at Culinary Depot

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